Strike Them Down

27 May

I hadn’t even got half way to the station this morning and already THREE cyclists had broken the law and caused me to comment. The first who was crawling along at a snail’s pace on the flat refused to stop at the red light for me to cross. As he was going so slowly he almost shit himself with the volume of abuse thar tripped off my tongue and into his empty head as he passed. So then as I’m crossing the road I’ve already spotted the second one who is on the opposite pavement and looks like a proper junkie. I made sure that I walked slowly and right in the middle of the pavement but he wasn’t stupid enough to try and pass or say anything and instead as soon as we got to the bus stop and the crash barrier ended he was peddling past me on the road where of course I congratulated him for managing to find it. The third of these trio of twats made himself known just next to the next bus stop – stumbling out of a shop, lighting a fag and then grappling with his bike. He stopped to speak to some of his fuckwitted mates at the betting shop (they were waiting for it to open at 7.30am as you do) and then he caught up with me, riding along the pavement with his fag in his gob. He passed me, I shouted after him where the road was, he put his hand up and carried on. All the way along, down to the pedestrian crossing, across that and then along the other side where they think it is a cycle path when in fact it’s just a pavement. Absolute fucking scum. The train was on time and is nice and quiet – all the sheep like to take the Friday off when it’s a bank holiday weekend. Next to me is a woman mistaking the train for her bedroom and she is slumbering and looking like she is ready for an elbow drop to the face because of the smug expression. Oh, frenzied activity when her phone vibrated – she opened her bag and a nasty waft of food came out and she’s now blinding me with garlic breath – fuck me the phone has been dropped multiple time and it’s a wonder she even knows it’s a phone with the amount of cracks in the screen. Aaah now she’s making her call on her handsfree and that’s my cue to post. I don’t need to hear your warbling dear – fuck OFF.


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