Late Hell

26 May

The 7.41 has returned to its normal level of lateness – about three minutes – and I’m on board. Not too busy but jammed in next to a manspreader with a massive Lenovo tablet and earphones that don’t work and both behind and opposite me are women warbling on in some East European dialect at the tops of their voices. The one behind is on the phone and the two opposite are talking to each other way too loudly to be acceptable. There is no need for it. Oh thank fuck they are getting off at Woolwich Arsenal – that’s fine, you can have them. Fuck me I’ve hit the jackpot – every single one of those people I moaned about all got off at Woolwich Arsenal so now we are back to just late and not loud. I’m now by the window but someone has got on who has been rimming tramps all night and their breath is absolutely honking – why? Why don’t people clean their teeth? It fucking stinks. Why can I smell it? If you can’t be arsed to clean your scabby teeth then keep your gob closed. It’s just wrong. Time to post and get some music on to drown out this new sound of silence…


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