25 May


I was ready to go back to bed as soon as I saw the shit unfolding above which was showing as a delay at 6.35 and obviously this delay has increased and there is no reason given at all. I’m on the platform with nine minutes left until the fucker lands and it is 7.41 now. Huffer is pacing up and down and all around with his paper, just huffing while I am saying what I think very loudly and the rest of the sheep are just stood staring into the middle distance like zombies while I am ready to slay anyone that comes near. They have just told us the groundbreaking news that the 7.51 is also delayed but that has a reason for the delay – an earlier broken down train. Now what the fuck makes that train so special that they get a reason and we don’t? I know I am the only one listening anyway but I know the 7.29 was delayed as well as mine and the next and the rest but why? What is the REAL reason? I see Southern are up the swanny again because of a staff shortage – why aren’t these people just sacked? Seriously? Day after day they have staff shortages which make it to the local TV news. Ugh this train better hurry the fuck up. Huffer is standing now and hovering because the penny has dropped that I’m getting on before him as I’m in the right place and he doesn’t like that. Chavvy scumbag in his tracksuit smoking a fag on the platform – love when there is a special rule so people can break a law that has been in place for almost yen years. I’m going to post so I’m ready to barge the twats out of the way to get on the train. Wish me luck, Obborati.


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