Friday At Last

20 May


It’s been a long week and I’m tired. Walking to the station with a man two paces behind me for the whole time, not trying to pass me and then staying close when I went faster and needless to say I’m feeling rather sweaty now as I was going quickly. He eventually fucked off towards Woolwich when we reached the station. People like that should get a bus. Nobody got time to deal with that. Further along the highstreet were two drunk people from last night on their way home and they were stood in the middle of the road having a very shouty conversation. Classy Plumstead strikes again. At the station, and after passing a man who deposited the litre of phlegm from his throat into the gutter while smoking a fag and talking on his phone, and it was pretty shit. Ball airer was there before me – first time in days – then a dopey illiterate couple watching videos on their phones just out loud and commenting because that’s a lovely thing to do as a couple. Train was a little late and on board is the Mr Twit sleeper again who was in an aisle seat but the bloke on the inside got off at Woolwich Arsenal so he struck it lucky and now has his greasy head resting against the window so he can sleep – poor arsehole, hey? On the opposite able to him was the bloke above who has moved since I chastised his sleeping face but he had his back to the window, legs up on the empty seat and his bag there too and his eyes closed. I stopped, shouted very loudly “oh I would ask you to move but God forbid I should wake you”, slumped down next to the nearest dainty elephant and moments later when I turned he was sitting upright with his eyes open. Fake sleeping does not wash with me motherfucker. Don’t even try that shit. We are not travelling to London Bridge on your sofa or your bed and if you need to have more sleep then go to bed earlier. Loading up at Westcombe Park where the snooty wannabes all pile on – it really is getting more and more entertaining watching them huff and puff and look down their noses. I would rather live in a shithole and get a seat on the train that pay through the nose for a house and have no seat on the train. Nobody cares where you live, twatty.


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