Moronic Monday

16 May

The sun is out and people are still wearing clothes for December so we are going to be whiff come 6pm. I say we as in us – the gifted ones – are going to have to deal with it later on. The amount of people waiting for the bus at both stops I pass on the way to the station was very high indeed. On what planet would you rather wait for a bus than walk for five minutes to get to the station? The woman that lives down my road was already at the top of my road when I left the house today and I passed her at the bus stop and then passed her on the stairs at the station as she had arrived and walked around to pick up a Metro. Her fuckwittedness knows no bounds it would seem. Train is a bit busier than usual and I don’t like it – makes me worry about what’s gone wrong elsewhere. I saw the Northern line is fucked so that will mean traffic and people are in greater number when I get to London Bridge as it was last week when there was a death to deal with. Regular tube travellers have no idea about distance between stations either when they are forced to go overground on a bus. I saw so many all pulsating to get on at Bank to then get off at London Wall. What the fuck is the point? Get your maps out and walk it you dopes. It isn’t hard. I’ve sat next to a dainty elephant on the train who has spread out with her massive handbag filled no doubt with a three course meal plus snacks and a McDonald’s and she’s all tucked in as she thinks she’s thin. Meanwhile I’m perched with one cheek hanging off the edge of the seat and trying not to touch her as she looks sweaty. Classy bird. Time to post as the wave of arseholes will soon be upon me – literally – from Westcombe Park.


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