Schoolie Morons

10 May


The train is fucked and to top it off there is no platform information on the boards meaning a lot of morons are peering down the track to check where the train is. Of course as I am blessed with a brain I’ve been checking on the app – above – for its progress. The schoolie bit in the title refers to three silly little bitches who all go to the school that wears a green jumper and has a stag on the left breast are all milling about not knowing what’s going on. They should be on a bus as they don’t have a train ticket and this train is going to be rammed. My mistake – it’s not rammed but it is the wrong type of train as one has arrived without enough seats and it is seemingly short formed as there is only one carriage behind me when there is usually two or three. There was no audible announcements on the platform when it pulled in but I changed my standing position before it stopped to mean I was in the right place for these doors where are about three feet to the left of where the old style train doors stop. I’m going to post now so I can watch the confused morons on the platform when this different train arrives. They won’t like the change for sure.


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