Fantastic Friday

6 May

Ok, I’m lying and it isn’t fantastic because I’m tired and huffer is on AGAIN today but at least was sensible enough today to stay back from me and didn’t get his paper crumpled by my amazingness. I’m unsure now why he has chosen to get my train again – I shall see on Monday if he returns again. At least fold-up bike wanker has gone for good and I can claim that victory. His head hung in shame at dropping the C bomb and my reaction now quite being what he had planned – he must have thought I would crumple into a teary heap. Nah mate, I don’t give a shit what you call me. I need my music already as there is a couple sitting opposite each other taking up four seats in front of me and both have attention seeking cups of coffee and are discussing a presentation and experiment. He has a beard and she has her sunglasses on (I do too but I look good so it’s allowed) so I instantly hate them. Time to post and again you won’t get a blog tonight as I’m going to the theatre again… Third time this week. I’m turning into a proper luvvie.


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