Late Huffer

5 May

I am on my usual train as usual which is apparently on time and the huffer was loitering in the ticket office waiting for the train. As I have discovered that he now prefers to get the 7.31 I can only assume he is late as he went to vote or he got up late. If he makes this his train of choice again, feathers will fly. He is doing his usual pacing along and pretending to read the paper so it looks like his actions are involuntary but I know his type and he is trying his best to jockey for position to get on first. It doesn’t work that way fuckwit, you need to actually be at the station first in order to get on first and that means being on the platform edge and not mincing about in the ticket office trying to intimidate people. Haha I never fail to amuse myself – he stood RIGHT behind me with his paper all spread out and I totally saw him so decided to move my bag from the crook of my arm and up onto my shoulder and wouldn’t you know, it’s pretty heavy so needs a really big heave and over exaggerated movements to get it up there and his paper got completely crumpled. I’ve told you before, fucker, don’t mess with me because I will outwit you at every single turn. Fingers crossed for no huffer tomorrow and that he goes back to his 7.31 where he thinks he rules the roost. Driver of the train has just shamed some twat at Woolwich Arsenal who held the doors open to let other people on – I am glad he did so but I’m disappointed that I didn’t see them to tell them exactly what I thought of them. People just need to get up earlier or get the next train. In the wise words of my mother “the bus won’t wait for you” and that goes for trains too. Of course my reply was “yes it will” as I struggled and jogged along to the bus stop for school back in the triumphant Britpop age, and I never did miss a bus but then I’m not a fuckwit and was ruled with an iron rod. Time to post – I’m ready for a nap.


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