Rubbish Wednesday

4 May

So I open my front door to leave for work and there is just rubbish strewn across the path because the people upstairs somehow create enough rubbish to fill three bins in a weekend and they have left their bins overflowing and now the foxes have got at it. I think a call to the council is in order with these fools as I doubt they will clean it all up and if they do, they will most likely end up using my bins. They started off as good but having to hammer on their door four times is too much to tell them to turn their fucking shit music down. Now the bins so their crimes against BdJ are stacking up and I never forget things like this. The sun is out, the twats are out and the train was late – one out of three isn’t bad I suppose. I saw two arseholes on two wheels use the pedestrian crossing to get from one pavement to the other on order to carry on their journey on the pavement. I can’t fucking stand it – it gives me so much rage if you hadn’t already gathered. I shout at them and I know they can hear me and they STILL ignore me and that is the ultimate insult as I know I’m like a fucking fish wife when I get going. I am off to th theatre this evening and so you will be without blog but I’m sure I will suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous Southeastern anyway as they just can’t get anything right. Time to post – I’m in an aisle seat near the door and we are soon to be collecting the ever increasing numbers from Westcombe Park.


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