Faux Monday

3 May

It really didn’t feel like a bank holiday weekend and today definitely feels like a Monday. Oh well, I shan’t complain as it is a four day week and a busy one at that for me for after work activities which I shall enjoy. Burning the candles at both ends doesn’t even come close and I’m still tempted to go cinema on Sunday – I will see what is on. I had the shock of my life on Sunday when I was not only able to get a train but it also went to Cannon Street. I’ve been so used to not having that option on a weekend that I try not to venture into central but I had to this weekend and the Southeastern gods (trolls) were smiling down on me. I was a little worried that the train was delayed though when it started at Plumstead and there were two trains in the sidings just past the station when I arrived. As always they managed to fuck up the simplest thing. I had further shocks when I was leaving TGI Friday in Leicester Square and a familiar face caught my eye – the PE teacher from my secondary school days and bearing in mind that secondary school was in Plymuff and I haven’t seen her in 20 years, it was a very lovely shock. She also admitted that she reads the blog, so hello Mrs K – hope you had a nice meal at TGI’s. On to this morning and the train is quiet as I presume people are taking an extra day of leave to recover from the “excitement” of Leicester winning something important in football that seems to have been rammed down my throat by the BBC this morning and I expect more from them. Far more important things in this world than football. Train arrived at the same time as the 7.40 on platform 2 which shows how early it was – it does tend to be more on time when there are less people. Time to post as I want to stare at the semi attractive your man who is sitting a few rows in front of me – that will set me up for the day.


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