“I get driven to the station…”

28 Apr

Isn’t it lovely how the other half live? As I was sauntering to Cannon Street I took a moment as always to listen in on the bullshit conversations that the sheep are having as I pass them by and the title is a lovely little gem I heard spilling from the lips of a woman talking to her companion as they walked in the other direction. She may have been talking about a bus but I doubt it and I assume that some sap drives her the two minute journey along the road to her station while she faffs about with her hair and her heels and her bullshit life. The trains are fucked due to “ongoing issues with lineside equipment in the Abbey Wood area” which I translate to “the local pikeys have stolen the copper cabling beside the tracks and have fucked us up again royally” and so the 18.36 pulled into Cannon Street at 18.39 and we are still sitting here at 18.46 which is just fantastic. Man who has sat opposite me is having some sort of disagreement with his phone that he is jabbing at and shouting at. Don’t get me wrong, I do that myself, but never in public as it makes you look strange. Of course, saying out loud that you hate people and they are complete fucking dicks is completely normal and displays very sane behaviour. Or maybe not. But I couldn’t give a flying fuck.  I’m tired from my date with Macklemore last night and I’m ready to get home and lay down. Leaving Cannon Street at 18.47 and I’m posting now as we will be inundated at London Bridge and I want my ipod to drown out the fuckery before they all get off at Westcombe Park. Laterz, Obborati.


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