26 Apr

I just sat and watched people run off the late running 18.30 to get onto the 18.37 which was scheduled and would be leaving later than the 18.30 – why? Most people get off at Westcombe Park these days and they both stop there so why the dramatic running across the platform to a train leaving after the one you are already on? I can’t understand such fuckery. I have got onto a train on platform 4 which I hope is going to Plumstead but hadn’t been announced and there is no news on board yet so I may be on a magical mystery Southeastern tour but it won’t be for the first time. Thankfully I now have confirmation that I’m on the right train and people have just run along the platform to get on the train further down – why do people do that? It’s empty so there is going to be space anywhere and you will just have to walk a bit further at your destination rather than being by the exit and when the majority of these twats get off they are ambling and nd texting anyway they don’t save time by being at the exit anyway. Time to post as we are due to leave and I want some music to distract from the seeming silence.


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