Marginally Rammed

26 Apr

Southern are on strike so it looks as though there are a few people who have the capacity to try and get to work on other routes and this means people down my line are inconvenienced yet again because of problems on other lines. Lots of really gormless faces staring at me today as I’m sitting in the aisle seat of a block of six and facing the doors. None of the nice window seats were available so my view is stuck staring at these mingers. I’m fully planning to spread out which is why I’m in the aisle seat as opposed to the middle where people come and enforce themselves on you and that isn’t ever nice. I’ve made a mistake today by wearing lighter clothes than I should be and I have bare footsies inside my ballet pumps – it’s fucking freezing. Oh well, at least I look amazing but then I always do. It really is non-descript today other than the slight increase in number. I’m going to post so I can tuck in and await the fuckwits who come and rest their asses on my shoulder.


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