Back For Good

25 Apr

Or at least until bank holiday on Monday. The wedding was lovely last week and the sun shone and it felt amazing not to have to get onto a train for two whole days. The journey back on Saturday wasn’t easy with no Southeastern but I made it eventually. I apologise for the lack of blog this morning but I had three weeks of gossip to catch up with with Debs so the journey was mostly cackling and moaning and sharing tales of Venice and Cornwall and the wedding. On to this evening and so far nothing to moan about really. Just the standard fuckwit talking on his phone stopping dead in front of me while I was trying to get down St Swithins Lane to Cannon Street and he didn’t like being told he is being a selfish prick but then they never do when they are in the wrong. A cyclist fell off his bike outside the office window earlier on today with a great scream. As soon as I saw he was with bike I turned my attention back to work. I’m going to have to keep this short and post as I’m balancing a tube behind me and it’s making me sit awkwardly and I now have a neighbour. Tomorrow… I promise.


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