Quicker To Walk

19 Apr

Every day when I leave my house there is a woman who has already passed my house and is half way along the road. She rushes by to get to the bus stop and when I get to the bus stop I just keep on walking to the station. Time after time I get to the station, look around to see if Debs is coming or someone else I despise and there is the same woman sauntering down the steps after waiting and getting on a bus rammed with bratty little fuckwits who are going to school. Where is the logic? Just walk and then you don’t have to get to the station when I do which doesn’t mean you have to jog from the bus stop round the corner for fear of missing the usually late train. The 7.31 was just leaving when I got to the station at 7.36 so I’m hoping my train which is somehow on time should be nice and quiet… Let’s see. Hmmm nope, not too quiet and we were delayed by fuckers who slammed themselves into the closing door for fear of having to wait ten minutes to get the next train. Stupid twats. The on board announcements aren’t working properly on this train – it sounds like the woman is periodically having a sock stuffed into her mouth as she becomes muffled and then clearer as she speaks. The good news is that the huffer seems to be gone for good as it’s now been three weeks since I last saw him. I did think he was just off for the school holidays but when I didn’t have to deal with him this morning I am now confident that he along with fold-up bike wanker have formed a coalition and get a different train together to fuck people off en masse and as long as that train isn’t mine then I really couldn’t care less. I have another short week this week and I am offline Thursday and Friday for a wedding – the wedding of the year no less and I shall be going to The Only Way Is Essex for these nuptials. Just to let you know so you can overload today and tomorrow.


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