Back Again

18 Apr


I had the dentist this morning which is why I didn’t bother to blog although there were still delays on the train at gone 10am but it’s never a surprise. I stood at Woolwich Arsenal listening to the insincere voice sharing news of delays on both directions. Typical fucking Monday for these cowboys but then typical for any day of the week. My journey home from Paddington was fun yesterday. No trains from Cannon Street and so I was ready to go to Blackfriars which would get me to Lewisham where I had to change trains again. Sadly the Circle and District lines were both closed yesterday and they are they only lines that go to Blackfriars which is really bad planning on the side of Southeastern. The week before I got to Paddington via Victoria which is hell as Victoria is always rammed and full of twats that don’t know where they are going. I got down into the underground and got stuck behind about a hundred fuckwits all bustling to get down the Victoria line when I wanted the Circle line – that was fun although my abuse was lost because none of them spoke English. Yesterday I managed to plan my journey which involved walking to Lancaster Gate from Paddington and then Central line to Bank where there are many steps as I’m sure you know. A lovely man stopped and insisted on carrying my case from the Central line to the DLR as they were going there anyway – I was so overwhelmed by such kindness at Bank especially as people would rather push you over than help. I was fully prepared to let everyone go in front of me up the steps and then go at my pace behind but thanks to the man I was saved. On to this evening and the selfish bitch above who is sitting opposite me and ladyspreading with her leg crossed and sitting at an angle and her bag is at her feet. The poor woman on the outside isn’t brave enough to tell her to put her leg down and to sit properly so she is sitting on half a seat and lookingoat annoyed. The annoying this is that before we got to London Bridge where the perching lady got on, the selfish bitch was sitting normally so fuck knows why she decided to sit like that as soon as we got to load up with more people. I cannot understand how people can be THAT selfish – she can see the other woman is virtually sitting on the floor. What a bitch. I’m biting my tongue here as I know the percher say anything if I open my gob and will probably say selfish is fine where she is. Fuck me I’d be seething if I was percher but then again I would have told her to move the second I homed in on the empty seat. People leave me raging.


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