Fast Train Slow

1 Apr

Can someone explain the logic to me of sending a train that stops at every station down the line on time, when the fast one that picks up at the busier stations is behind it being delayed when it’s usually on time? The 7.41 is pretty rammed already and will get more so and I wouldn’t even have the chance to get the surely empty fast train as it doesn’t stop at Plumstead – what the fuck? The heating is absolutely blasting out and it’s hot as fucking hell on board with no windows open and as I’ve already said we are busy for the stop we are at. Ticket inspectors were at Plumstead both last night and this morning causing havoc by standing in the way and just talking a lot of shit about catching people when that’s all they ever seem to do – talk shit. Fucking hell it’s so hot on this carriage. Absolutely no need to have any heating on as today is April and spring is officially here. We need to have no heating like we do in the dead of winter and just deal with it if you do feel a tad chilly. I’ve had no huffer all this week so we will have to see what next week brings. I hope he isn’t back but he might be – we can of course hope that he has met his end with a cyclist. Time to post before I melt and my phone malfunctions…


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