Nervy Sniffer

31 Mar

I have new upstairs neighbours today. They were there when I got home last night. I had a good old curtain twitch when they were in and out so got a good look at them – not even slightly attractive and also they don’t speak English it seems so again when they row I can’t successfully eavesdrop. I think a miracle has happened though and during the four month renovation that the place had since the last bunch of kiddy-spawning scum left, some sort of sound proofing has occurred as the voices and feet were much quieter above my bedroom. I wasn’t woken in the night by feet or voices and I didn’t hear a peep this morning either. I will tentatively say that it seems OK but the weekend is looming and that will be the true test. We shall see. On to this morning and the train. It was on time even though the train just before 7am was hugely delayed. The title refers to my seat neighbour who has now stopped fidgeting and sniffing but that is because his head is now lolling like a bladder on a stick (again, one of my fave Ab Fab lines of all time) and he is asleep. Thank fuck. He looks like a scrawny jockey – I won’t be trying to kiss him any time soon. Train is hot as hell and I’ve just seen a woman get on at Charlton and brush down the seat before she sat her prissy ass down – little does she know that it’s the dirt that she can’t see that is the worse bit and now she has shit, piss, blood, sperm and bile from the last six months on her hand and she is just touching her face with said hand. I imagine she now has ebola and anthrax. Oh well, one less of the fuckers to deal with. Time to post.


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