Winning Monday

21 Mar


I got here after him today and so I chose my position well and was able to get a picture of him in all his tutting glory. As he got there before me of course he was getting on first in my mind but he stopped and waved me by – what the fuck? I said out loud the thought that came to my mind ” oh you usually moan when I get on the train before you mate” and he huffed and tutted and I laughed like a drain. He is now sitting and sulking nearby. It is as always a Monday of fuckwits and I saw a chavvy scumbag riding his L plate scooter along the highstreet with only two hoods to protect his head if he were to come off and bang it. Saying that, I think that is more than enough to protect what is inside his head so he is doing well albeit illegally. Then I had the fat lazy skank on his mobility scooter who has almost killed me on several occasions as he comes hurtling around a blind bend by the betting shop. Today his stupidity knew no bounds as he had a grandchild perched spreadeagled on the foot plate area playing with his phone while the old man was driving like a fucking bat out of hell. My only wish for today is that both the hooded scooter wanker and the mobility scooter wanker both come into contact with some cyclists. Fingers crossed and time to post.


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