Third Friday

18 Mar

I’m glad it actually officially is Friday now as both Wednesday and Thursday felt like Friday so it feels like I have been working for 8 days already. I am shattered and I’m fucking glad that Friday is now really here and the train was (almost) on time and it’s empty and that huffing fucker isn’t here and neither is the fold-up bike wanker – it is fucking blissful and just what I needed as either of them would have had their heads ripped off today if they had crossed me. Had to move a slumping twat and his VIB but for no other reason than to amuse me. Lots of cases on the train today so I can only assume people are going away now so they can utilise the extra bank holiday days next weekend for their own gain and will be off all next week too – good news for me as less of them on the train but we shall see. I’m off to the theatre this evening, dahling, so this is your last blog of the week. I have an exciting weekend of sleep planned as I’ve been busy for the last two and I am well overdue a long nap along with laying in bed watching crap on TV for 48 hours. Next weekend will be busy mind. Until Monday, my beautiful Obborati.


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