Mad Sniffer

16 Mar


I am tired today after my cinema trip last night and the train was more than a minute or two late meaning that my new arch enemy – the huffer – was on form. He was in the ticket office when I arrived so he can see the train times in the warm and come down when the train does. Thing is that he is a thick wanker and just came down at 7.39 thinking he would skip straight on and apparently missing audio and visual news that the train was delayed. So then he came and stood inside me, paper spread out, head down and then a combination of sniffing because of had down and a runny nose and then huffing and puffing because of the delay. In short I was ready to push him in front of the train as that is a sight and delay I would happily live through. He is more than a fucking annoyance. Why can’t I just get my train in peace? No sign of fold-up bike wanker so as soon as he is gone he is replaced by another wanker – why? I’m surprised he isn’t meerkating today as it sounds like someone is listening to white noise and very fucking loudly. It could be the sound of waves but the only sound of waves that would calm me on this journey would be the sound of waves made from blood of Southeastern fat cats crashing against rocks along with their overstuffed bodies. Gosh I am being brutal today. Oh well, nice to have a bit of gore. Time to post as that racket is annoying me and I need my own music.


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