11 Mar

It seems like I woke up about five minutes ago as the last hour has been a bit of a blur and I’ve been on autopilot and I’ve had a few delays and still I’ve managed to get the 7.41 which is good of course and it was almost on time which is also good. There is no fold-up bike wanker which is fucking brilliant but there is no Debbie which is rubbish as I always end up stropping when she isn’t at the station when I get there and end up being more annoyed than usual. It’s a bit nippy again this morning so of course the heating is belting out and I’m already sweating and we’ve gone one stop. I will subtly open the window above the window seat I’ve just managed to get after two blokes both got off at Woolwich Arsenal and I shimmied over from the aisle seat opposite. I fear today is going to be another day of zombie fuckwits hampering my journey so I’m going to post now. I am booked to go to the cinema later but I might just cancel as I fear for Country fans mobbing me as the screening time is 8.10 which means it won’t start til 8.40 and 10.40 is prime time for gig leavers – yeah, think I’ve talked myself out of it now.


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