Late Chaos

10 Mar

It is 7.47 and the 7.41 has just collected the livestock and Bitch de Jour and is on its way. Fold-up bike wanker is on board and I’m sitting opposite him while he takes up the majority of the aisle with his ego, iPhones and bike as usual. He seems to have turned over a new leaf mind and actually asked people to stop going past for a moment while he stands to let someone into the window seat – I couldn’t contain my shock and dismay at thus behaviour and it spilled from my lips but I think he just permanently ignores me now after his word vomit two weeks ago. This is only the second time I’ve seen him in the last two weeks which is less than he was on before and so I still claim this victory. Train is full of course even though the fast train trundled through on time to pick up the slack. It’s funny how thick people will just bundle on to the first train and think they will still get to work on time. If the train is late then it will be delayed even more when it gets to London Bridge as it’s missed it’s allocated slot and has to wait. Anything behind the delayed train will also be late but not as late as there is a chance that it will make its slot. God that fold-up bike wanker is annoying as hell. The way he sits there all smugly with his elbow resting on the bike in the aisle like he is on some train-bike hybrid throne. He has tight tracksuit bottoms on today with his high-vis vileness and is looking particularly fuckwitted. I do hope he wears full cycling shorts come summer and I get to see him then just once so I can ridicule him. He is a vile piece of work. I’m going to have to post as we are filling up fast and it’s going to be time for people to rest their ass on my shoulder soon. Joy, hey?


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