9 Mar


No, I’m not referring to the first Tooms episode of the X Files way back when, I’m referring to my current state of affairs next to someone who doesn’t think they need to occupy a single seat and sitting in two is fine. Aaah thank God, she’s got off at Woolwich and I am by the window – hooray. No fold-up bike wanker yesterday (was with Debbie so no blog) or today so his return is so far fleeting and I hope it stays that way. I was planning for heavy rain but it managed to hold off between leaving the house and the walk to the station so that is good for today. Umbrella is in my bag but Carol Kirkwood also said there would be high winds so a brolly is pointless. A choice quote for you today on the back of the seat in front – I would imagine that “scuber” is just a misspelling of scumbag so then it makes sense. I was tempted to start tagging seats that I sit in in this way just yesterday, by writing BdJ and the date so we can see quite how long these trains are filthy for. Not a bad idea. Time to post – I need some music to distract from the Adele ticket fiasco that is being told to me via WhatsApp… Anyone want to but a single ticket?


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