Guess Who’s Back

7 Mar

Sadly, he must only have been on holiday and now he is back in his usual spot, blocking the aisle with his shitty bike and blinding everyone with his stupid high-vis jacket, yes,  fold-up bike wanker is back on the train. I am gutted to say the least and he hasn’t changed his ways at all as he is there with two phones and poking out into the aisle like the selfish wanker he is. I am sitting right in front of him so I can ensure I hear what goes on when someone asks to sit down on the inside, if they ever do bother. There is a new wanker making himself known at Plumstead and has been there on and off for the last few weeks – he is the one that huffed at nothing a while back. He did the same today, lots of pacing and looking down the track for a train that was on time (make a note of the date) and when the train did pull in, he stood right in front of the doors looking down at his phone while I stood to the side. He wasn’t paying attention so obviously I had spotted the woman waiting to get off and instead of just pushing on without letting her get off he actually motioned for me to go first without looking up. What a wanker? Just look up for a fucking second and see what is beyond the end of your nose. He definitely has delusions of grandeur and clearly has forgotten that he is getting onto a shitty train at a shitty station – three piece suit means you are going to court not that you deserve respect round here dear. The train is absolutely fucking baking today and for no reason. Yes, it’s a bit cold outside but there is no need for this amount of heat on board. It’s ridiculous. I’m going to post so I can listen to my own soundtrack while I melt. With any luck I will stain the fold-up bike wanker’s prissy shoes…


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