New Levels Of Pettiness

3 Mar


This morning I got told off for bashing into a newspaper by a manspreader on the train, as if it was so rude and disgusting. He is sat taking up two seats and his paper is spreading into the aisle. I have to get past and he huffs at me, like I had done something terrible and he tells me to watch where I walk. As you can imagine he is given a piece of my mind that he desperately needs and I have shit loads to spare. What the fuck sort of twat makes a big deal out of that? It’s a fucking free paper – you didn’t even pay for it. So I eventually get past and sit down opposite a high-vis clad manual worker who just stares at me. Christing hell, what the fuck have I don’t to deserve this fuckery today? Paper wanker is still using more than his one seat allocation and has his hand resting on the middle seat as he obviously doesn’t know these trains are only cleaned once every six months and literally thousands of disgusting asses have sat there before his dainty precious little hand has rested there. Let’s hope he catches something terminal, shall we. Highly likely and not one fucker will miss him. I’m still blown away by the reaction to touching his paper – it’s a free fucking paper. He did get welcomed to a commuter train and this being the real world and he soon shut his mouth. Probably mates with that twat with the fold-up bike who has now been missing in action for over a week so I shall declare than a full win for BdJ. The train was later today and it is more busy than normal, and definitely more busy than yesterday. I STILL can’t believe that douche told me off for knocking into his fucking paper. What a twat. Funny now he keeps flapping it back out of the way when people get past… Touched a nerve did I, twatty? Just got a picture for your viewing pleasure. He won’t dare move away from his able seat so I will make sure I squash the fucker when I get off at London Bridge. Pic seems to be sideways due to my annoying phone but you get the gist. Will try and amend at work.


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