More Lies

2 Mar


When I quickly checked the status of the 7.41 and saw the above I was absolutely shitting myself but also completely baffled as the fast train had gone through on time and looking no more full than usual. The 7.41 then arrived and I braced myself and as it passed along it was virtually empty – imagine a daytime train with a very low number of people aboard and a myriad of seats available and no need to have to ask anyone to move to sit down. It is train bliss. I still managed to fuck off the stupid bitch sitting in front of me though who objected to me opening the window. I opened it, I sat down, she turned around and shot me the most vile look so I could see her disgusting face that looks as though it hasn’t slept at all. She didn’t say a word but thought her face was enough – it wasn’t – and then she tried to close the window up again straight away but failed as she is a twat and so now it’s half open and half closed. What these fuckwits don’t know is that sitting in the seat she is in means she doesn’t feel any of the air that comes in that window. We are moving forward, I am behind her and in front of a wall so the air nicely gathers at the back of my head to cool me down after my walk to the station while wearing synthetic materials. I will reach up again shortly and open it wide again and say I need to get the stench of her breakfast out of the carriage – she’s eating crisps. She is leaning her had against the back of the seat in front and by the skanky look of her is transmitting more diseases there than she is picking up. Her hair is a proper rat’s nest and stinks too. Just as I type that she sits up to preen it while screwing up her empty crisp packet and throwing it onto the floor. She is the epitome of class and of course she has her VIB nestled next to her in the aisle seat. Fuck me she’s a mess. Don’t make your problems my problems – if you are cold then wear more clothes. The heating is pumping out as always and you are just a twat. See how many rats you can spot in the image below – happy travelling, Obborati.



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