Chewing Chump

2 Mar

On the 18.37 that is late. I was going to get the 18.30 and walk from Abbey Wood but the wind is horrible today so I don’t fancy getting home with brain freeze like I did at lunchtime after my wander. Almost walked to my usual spot for this train but then I heard it was only five coaches and I’m next to a woman chomping on something stinky and noisy. A little evening drama and Inspector Sands was summoned at Cannon Street – now for you that don’t know, this is a cleverly disguised (or so they think) emergency call. The alarm and automated voice went on for a good few minutes without stopping and so I sat tight waiting for shit to hit the fan. People were wondering what was going on – it’s usually a fire, a bomb, an unattended bag, or some other serious emergency. Soon the tone of the alarm changed and they announced an evacuation. Thankfully this was just as the doors were closing. It was at this point I told my fellow passengers what the Inspector Sands call was all about. We were held outside of London Bridge for ages waiting for a green signal and finally have arrived late and we will be rammed due to the short formed train. I don’t believe Inspector Sands was for any other reason than for Southeastern to have a reason for delays again tonight. Same old shit but they must have a brand new book of excuses in circulation from today what with the “severely overcrowded” train this morning that was empty and now Inspector Sands – what a fucking joke.


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