Winning Streak

1 Mar

The train may have been slightly delayed but it arrived sans fold-up bike wanker and so I’m feeling good that he isn’t here for another day. Tomorrow will be a week since he had his shit fit so that will be a nice milestone to reach – we will see. I was fully expecting fuckery as the news said there were no trains between Charlton and London Bridge due to an electrical problem at Greenwich. I immediately checked the app and no trains were being diverted via Loosham – what the fuck? I kept checking all the trains and nothing, so perhaps Southeastern have started this rumour of an issue to cover their back when there is a problem so they already have an excuse in place. Who knows? Who cares? The only certainties in life are death, taxes and Southeastern not knowing what the fuck they are doing. Everything else is a pleasant surprise. Bloke sitting a bit further down looking as though he is smacked off his tits – just completely glazed over staring at a hipster wannabe with white hair and a white beard. Maybe he can see santa in his fucked up mental state – great, now he is trying to stare me out. Time to post and stare out the window and revel again in my daily win over the fold-up bike wanker.


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