Another Miscarriage?

29 Feb

Trains are fucked again due to a passenger falling ill and I wonder if it might be another miscarriage like there as recently on a Southeastern train and the driver let everyone know. I’m on the 18.30 and it is 18.37 and we are still waiting to go. I was going to get the 18.46 which was looking to be mostly on time but it won’t be so I’m walking from Abbey Wood again which I wasn’t going to do as I have a large bag with me but I can always hop on a bus if needs be. Sitting near the doors but with a douche with his shit Apple headphones on and I’m listening to all his rubbish music while trying to keep the rage inside. You may well have seen my tweet from this morning referring to a woman in a green coat at London Bridge and I can now share the story in full – I bet you can’t wait. So there is a long queue but nowhere near long enough to mean people couldn’t get on and get a seat. The fatty in front of me starts to panic thinking she won’t be able to get on and becomes a meerkat, and keeps looking to see where the next bus was and it starts to come. So she stops dead when she sees the bus coming and stop next to me, I want to keep walking as I know I will be able to get on the one already there and that’s when little miss pea-green coat decides to push in. Obviously I tell her there is a queue and she said she saw the lady stop to get on the other bus. This excuse doesn’t wash with me and she is again told there is a queue and this is when my bitch switch was flicked as she replied, as she touched my arm and tilted her head to one side “I’ll think we will manage though” – no love. It doesn’t work like that. People queue and you respect that so I called her a silly  patronising cow and she didn’t like this. I felt I was very reserved in my insult and I stated facts. She stomped onto the bus in front of me because she thinks she was in the right and then wished me a lovely day. I told her it would be very nice indeed because she was going upstairs. As always when I have these alternations, the rest of the bus looks at me as if I am mental and as usual I just let them know that I didn’t give a fuck. Christ the platform is rammed at London Bridge so now I’m going to post and listen to my own music instead of this tinny wank coming from the ghetto fabulous wannabe to my left.


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