New Shoes

26 Feb

Probably not my best idea but I’m wearing brand new shoes and I am crippling a little bit. Thankfully, a dirty spitting and snot shooting chav was there along the walk to the station to distract me so I forgot about the pain momentarily and concentrated on viewing and trying to pass the vile scumbag who spat and blew snot out of his nostrils all the time I was behind him. I managed to pass and then the fucker caught me up after deciding not to leak liquids for a moment and as soon as he passed me he was back at it. No Debbie this morning but the train arrived on time and was a little busier than usual so I have a feeling the “fast” train was cancelled and guess who isn’t showing his smug little face yet again today – yes, fold-up bike wanker. No sign so I think I can safely say 1-0 to BdJ and that is always the scoreline I like to see. Now who has the smug face, hey? That’s a good Friday feeling. I’m going to post now because I’m all out this week – very tired and I am hoping for a quiet day at work… We’ll see.


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