Wednesday Wanker

24 Feb

Today the wanker is me – hurrah. I get to the station and ball airer is stood facing down the tracks with his legs agape as always airing his balls. I’m fed up of his shit and I’m listening to some sassy music and so I just stood right in his way and close enough to ensure he hates me. No longer can he see when the train is coming but instead he has a fantastic view of the side of my fat head. Good, eh? Karma is a bitch and payback is sweet. I should stand with my legs wide apart and even further in the way but I can’t be arsed to turn my back to him for fear of having to look at his fugly mush. Aaaah the train and finally I’ve moved the fold-up bike wanker and man he has problems. Not only has he called me a fat c*nt but also given me more lip that I care to remember. So much so that I told him that in another life we would get on SO well. I asked him to move and then as I was sitting down I said “and I get off at London Bridge by the way” and he really didn’t like this and questioned me. I just replied I was letting him know so he can move his massive bike out the way and again with the “oh fuck off you fat c*nt” but hey, do I care? Nope.  Not a single bit. I came what I meant to do and have been gagging to do for weeks and that is to get the fucker to realise that we don’t want him on our train. What a vile person and an absolute typical cyclist – all about him, but he thinks that’s his right. It always makes me laugh when people call me fat – and it amazes me how a cyclist can be this alert when on a train and notice the fatness but put the fucker on a road and they have NO idea what they are doing. I keep chuckling about it and he is hating it. I am fucking loving this. He is typing furiously on both of his phones – no napping for him today, hey. Shame. Anyway, time to post and I’m looking forward to London Bridge where no doubt he will call me fat yet again and I will laugh and thank him for noticing. What a moron.


2 Responses to “Wednesday Wanker”

  1. Capes February 24, 2016 at 7:58 am #

    He could be reasonably polite about it and just call you a chubby c@nt. Manners cost nothing.

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