Friday I’m In Love

19 Feb

It’s finally here and the trains seem to be on time which is good. It can be as delayed as it wants once it collects me but as long as it gets to me on time I will be as happy as I can be having to get a train with the collection of fuckwits that I have to get the train with. Last day of half term and it all seems to be a bit quieter than a usual Friday – not a single livestock waiting in the ticket hall area this morning which is very strange. I don’t know why they wait there but they do, all huddled together waiting for the train to come in and then running down the steps to get on at my doors. On board and still quiet. Fold-up bike scum in his usual place and the bike isn’t even full folded up today so it’s sticking out even more. To my right is a woman applying her makeup and she’s making a meal out of it. Currently applying seventeen costs of cheap mascara instead of applying one of a more expensive brand that doesn’t require that many layers – when will they learn? Actually I see she is putting Mally on… That shit doesn’t need that many layers love. She’s going to have to chip that off when she gets home later. Still she goes, this is two minutes solid now and she was already in full application when I got on. Finally she’s put her wand back and has stopped jabbing at her eyelashes. Christ now she has a cotton wool bud to get rid of where she’s made mistakes. I haven’t needed to do that since I was about 17. Love, if you just got out of your scabby pit sooner you would have time to put that shit on at home and while sitting still and thus save a fortune on buds. Fuck me now the mascara is out AGAIN at Woolwich Dockyard. I actually can’t believe this. How does she need this much? I need to post so I can potentially try and video this transformation for your viewing pleasure…


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