Hot Hell

18 Feb


Again there was a delay advertised early doors, but the train left on time and STILL managed to get to me three minutes late. I got to the station at 7.35 and saw the 7.31 leave so that was late but as the fast train was only slightly late thus train isn’t too busy – thank fuck. In a window seat by Woolwich Arsenal even if that fold-up bike wanker is behind and today I think he has one of his iPhones plugged in to the train power supply which is by the doors behind the seat and this is usually carried out by ghetto skanks and drug dealer wannabes instead of the lycra-clad fuckwits. Talking of ghetto skanks there are two sitting in the seats in front who both tried to push in front of me to get on and both kissed their teeth when they were put back in their box – don’t fuck with me bitches. The one in front of me has her hair sitting on top of the back of the seat and keeps flicking more and more up onto the scabby looking mound. It stinks and they are talking absolute shit. Ugh I’m going to post as I now have a makeup bitch to my right which means I must sit perfectly still while she draws on slugs for eyebrows. Sexy, hey?


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