Go Go Go

17 Feb

It’s freezing, there is ice and yet somehow the train arrived early and also left early – what the fuck? This just goes to show the usual excuses are all bullshit if they are able to actually run in the same conditions that they blame for stopping them in previous weeks. The train is nicely empty for the first time this half term week showing there are no fuckups on this line yet. The prick with his bike is sitting next to the door as usual with his stupid item next to him in the aisle and his VIB on the other side – it’s like a family fuckwit day out, it really is. Train last night was fine as far as I can remember. Then again they seem to merge into one but if I have nothing of note it can’t have been that bad can it? Eyes are watering up a storm so Benefit mascara is being worn all down my face rather than just the lash area – I’m a classy bitch sometimes. Debbie tried to talk me in to getting the 7.31 when we travelled together yesterday but even though it’s only ten minutes earlier, it would take time to train myself to be ready on time to get out the door to get it. Maybe tomorrow, hey? Maybe. Douchebag bike wanker has just taken a call on one of his iPhones – he is sitting behind me and annoying the fuck out of me through earphones. Two wannabes have just got on at Woolwich Dockyard. One is looking orange and slutty but has on those thick rimmed glasses so she looks nerdy and she thinks clever too – no love. Clever people aren’t the colour of an Oompa Lumpa with collegen lips and a pout that would make Ellie Goulding (have you see her new lips?) look normal. Her friend on the other hand looks quite normal, but it is only the slutty nerd who is trying to flirt with the bearded hipster wannabe sitting opposite. She is currently bent over doing something on the floor between his legs and keeps looking up and flicking her hair about in the style of the women on Babestation while pretending to do a blow job to the saddo on the phone… What a desperate slag, hey? That isn’t the time or the place for that show of sluttiness. Time to post as we are filling up fast and I need to catch up on my gossip.


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