Cycle Fodder

16 Feb

Not too much to moan about today aside from the 18.37 being late coming in so will surely leave late. The title refers to a silly bitch I saw ambling along up past Cannon Street while looking down at her lifeline – her phone of course. She actually walked straight into someone and STILL didn’t look up away from her phone and the bloke who she walked into said nothing to her. Christ how can you let that go? The morons need to learn and learn by being told or there is no hope whatsoever. It is frightening that people can do that. She is perfect to wander out into the road in front of a cyclist who doesn’t have to stop of course as they are above the law as well we know.  I need to post so I can get the ipod on to drown out the inane conversation going on opposite me – people talking about work which is as dull as fuck for all involved. Why are they talking about this now? They don’t actually even work together so why is it even relevant to each other? Give me strength.


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