15 Feb


An absolute shit storm with conflicting excuses given but hey, it’s normal for these cowboys. How can it continue to be such a fuck up? I am waiting for the 7.41 still but I have a feeling I will leave that and get the 7.51 as it shouldn’t be as rammed. The “fast” train went through at 7.43 which is ten minutes late. The incessant audio announcements are making me more and more mad and I’m ranting out loud more and more. Why does every fucker else just stand and take this? Somehow I’m on and in a seat – thank fuck for half term, hey? The train pulled out at 7.55 which is the biggest delay for a long time. Going to have to post as soon morons will be resting their asses on my shoulder. Twatty with the fold-up bike is next to the motherfucking door again blocking room for people to stand. Posting…


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