Bexley Fuckery

12 Feb


Broken rail today so they are all coming down my line and I’m already sounding like a headcase talking to myself. I am livid and to top things off the fuckwitted ticket inspectors have the fucking cheek to check tickets today when trains are fucked and whilst doing do completely holding up the flow of people wanting to get to work – all stood around the doors so only one person can go through at once either way and the trains coming the other way are delayed so there was a huge bottleneck trying to get through. I am now on a train and absolutely incandescent with rage when not one but TWO fast trains powered through and the first one was on time and neither stopped. Meanwhile this piece of shit landed seven minutes late with not a single excuse as to why. I think everyone within a 100m radius now thinks I am a sandwich short of a picnic due to my ranting and raging at the sheer fuckery and not one single person nodded in agreement and this makes me even more mad – how can they just stand and take that shit every fucking day? How can a fucking rail just break and require urgent engineering works? Railtrack are a lazy bunch of arseholes and it always seems to be down the lines where people are plentiful but poor – you wouldn’t has of this level of fuckery on a posh line where they have first class and fuckers with trolleys handing out Dutchy Originals teas (I may be exaggerating with the brand but hey, you get the gist). Oh great – a suitcase wanker has just got on and sat on the other side of the aisle to me and left his case right in the fucking way and this train is about to become overrun with the Greenwich wannabes at Westcombe Park and Maze Hill – I hate those people most. Who am I kidding? I hate all these fuckers every single day. Once again I ask when will this end? We might get get a different supplier but then we still have to deal with the brainless twats who have to get the same train and as you know, people like us – the opposition with brains and who know how to use them – are few and far between. I wish I could travel with you all every day so we could have a good laugh at these other wankers.



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