Doorway Blocker

11 Feb


The train is on time despite the earlier notification that I saw again today for a delay on a train that wasn’t meant to leave yet. The train is Hades again and I’m next to bladder on a stick again who is managing to keep his eyes open for the time being. The door blockage is caused by a fold-up bike left right by the doors on the side that opens. I thought the normal fold-up bike wanker had changed his tactic to annoy me but someone else has just taken it off the train – unless it is his bike and he has just been robbed in which case what a wonderful sight to behold. Two randoms stood in my place this morning when I arrived and neither were in the right place to get on first as they are amateurs who both tutted when I skipped merrily onto the train to get my seat – he is starting to fall asleep now, and we have just left Woolwich Arsenal – but I couldn’t care less. Be in the right place because it isn’t that difficult to do. Bladder on a stick is still trying to fight the slumber as he does every day and keeps pulling the paper back up to continue being sent to sleep. Why does he do it every day? Just go to fucking sleep you annoying wanker. It isn’t that hard especially with this massive blast of heat that is engulfing us all and a single window open yet again. The thing with this stupid heat is the stench is creates when people sweat profusely and then stink as they aren’t prepared to sweat this much and aren’t as generous as they are with their deodorant than they are when it is hot. Vile. Time to post.


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