10 Feb


I haven’t been well the last two days so I missed the storm melee on Monday and whatever the lame excuse was yesterday and I’m back today. As you can see from above and the time it was taken that I was fully expecting fuckery but somehow the train was “on time” when it arrived and we were overrun with fuckwits. I can tell I’m out of the swing of things as I actually said “that’s OK” to the woman who apologised for having her VIB in the seat that I wanted. To be honest I think I was dumbfounded and taken by surprise as usually they are ready to fight to the death in a situation like that and I’m just as ready to go down with them. The heating is pumping out for no apparent reason and I’m sweating buckets now as I had factored in a late train and left a minute or two later than usual. One window is open but it is at the other end of the carriage and I don’t think it will be long before me or someone else falls ill (overheats) because of the ridiculous temperature on board. There is no ambient temperature on Southeastern – you either have off or Hades. The rest of this week had better go fast – I’m so not even ready for it.


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