Red Letter Day

3 Feb



I don’t know why this evening is Amy different to any other day ever but trains are not only all seemingly arriving on time but the 18.46 inbound arrived EARLY… Well they said early and it was screenshotted but that was while I was still outside the station and it was only pulling in as I has clambered up the steps to get it. Left work a bit late and didn’t fancy running for the 18.36 and having to sit in a seat I don’t like. Bearded hipster type with his fold-up bike is below for your visual gag this evening – standing there thinking he is some hot piece of shit and instead he just looks like every other fucker mincing about in my neck of the woods down Shoreditch way where beards like that are two a penny and everyone is a clone of the first unkempt bearded twat. When will this phase pass? Just looking at a Benny who is leaning against a post on platform four – vile wirey beard on his chin and that stupid greased back hair which is about four inches above his head. He looks like a twat to say the very least ams he is another that thinks he looks like a hot piece of shit. The Southeastern high vis tabard and scruffy looking trousers are telling me otherwise. They couldn’t care less and it shows – the face of the company yet again quite literally turning my delicate stomach. Time to post as I’m ready to catch up with the “news” on the Daily Mail website.



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