Same Old

2 Feb

I am so sick of reporting the same shit day after day after day after day. I couldn’t be arsed to even bring myself to blog last night as the 18.37 arrived a minute before it was due to leave and then picked up more delays along the way and so ended up being more than ten minutes late to get me home. It’s beyond a fucking joke and I am on the brink of snapping. The trains are one thing and then the fuckwit livestock that I am forced to travel with is quite another – bladder head is next to me again today and managing to stay awake for the time being. Twatty dad and his bratty kids are here who all bundled on while holding the closing doors open AGAIN and then moaned about not seeing any seats when there are shit loads available. At least that fucktard with the fold-up bike isn’t here blocking the aisle with his piece of shit transport and his ego – that is a fucking relief today, let me tell you. Also I remember that the woman with her three spawns of hell aren’t aboard and haven’t been for weeks which is very nice indeed. Some twat who looked a bit like new Posh Pikey (also long MIA) tried to push in and he just got the look from me and proceeded to shit his pants and step to one side – yes dear, don’t fuck with me. It’s the same shit over and over and over – how can this be? What have I done to deserve this? I am a very good person; I get up for old people to sit down, I hold doors open for people, I don’t put my bag on the seat, I go out of my way to take a purse I found to a police station (that one was yesterday lunchtime) and run out of time to have any lunch or do what I had gone out to do. Now, Karma, where the fuck are my rewards? Bladder head has started to nod off now so I’m being bashed in the bag with his flopping Metro. Fucking hell GET ME OUT OF HERE.


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