Theft and Heavy Petting

28 Jan


This man was in front of me in Waitrose at lunchtime and decided he was above buying a 5p bag and instead scampered over to an empty unattended checkout and took one from there and slyly then came back, concealed it under the edge of the counter and then whipped it out to pack his goods. Now, if you are shopping in Waitrose you aren’t too poor to spend 5p on a carrier bag. Especially when you are then getting fifty quid cashback to ensure you have some cash on your person. What a twat hey? Five fucking pence is nothing. Where is the logic? I decided against causing a scene asking the man on the checkout to remember to charge for the bag but I told him after the fact. Wish I had said something to the cheapskate now. Oh well, a bit of Internet shaming is just as good. The heavy petting was going on in Bunhill Fields and went on for a very long time indeed as he was virtually inside her when I walked to Waitrose and when I walked back twenty minutes later and were there all the time I sat and had my free coffee while sitting on a nearby bench. Just captured a very busy Bennyette who didn’t want to stand on the platform to wait to wave it out “safely” and decided to come aboard and wait here for a few minutes. On what planet do you do that? You are representing your company and your actions resound those of the company. Then again anyone else on this train doesn’t have a high opinion of these Southeastern fuckers so seeing her do that was neither shocking or surprising and she represented her company perfectly and in line to what we expect – lazy, untidy and can’t be arsed. We are on the move and only one minute late with her highness now back on the platform. Time to post as I am ready to rest myself.



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