Bus Bottleneck

27 Jan


Man above has nothing to do with the title but he is a twat as he had to ride his bike along the pavement as getting off and walking was too difficult for him. It must be so hard to get around without anything inside your head, and them trying to negotiate blind bends on a bike. Let’s hope he meets his match soon. I got to the station as the 7.31 was still loading up with livestock and I saw the fat schoolie skanks from yesterday bundling on – the fattest one holding the doors open for the other two, thus delaying it further. On the 7.41 now and that twat with the aisle seat hogging fetish and fold-up bike is right next to the doors again with his shit backpack sitting in the window seat. You can tell he makes himself comfortable and couldn’t give a fuck about anyone else as he is sitting there, fully settled with his coat off and gently laid across his scabby lap. I say coat, I mean of course high-vis fuckwit encasing. Give me strength. The man who doesn’t sleep enough is to my right, and already the paper is drooping as are his eyelids and head and he is fighting sleep and we have only just arrived at Woolwich Arsenal – fucking hell mate, I didn’t go to sleep until after midnight last night and I can keep my eyes open – what the fuck is the reason for this continual train-sleeping? Every time he wakes himself up when the paper makes a cracking noise, he tuts like someone has woken him up. Just had to video this marvel once and for all and I will post it on Facebook when I get in to work. The whole journey is like this and he will only give up with the paper when we leave Deptford and there is only ten minutes left. He is a proper fuckwit.



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