25 Jan


I am fully allowed to be horrible to fat people because I am one but I’m not a selfish one. I don’t understand why they can’t tuck themselves in when sitting on public transport and instead insist on spreading out over their allotted seat space and into the empty seat next to them. They also like to hog leg room – see Jabba The Hutt above from the bus this morning. She was like the fatty that I was perched next to on the train this morning that made me so uncomfortable that I couldn’t be arsed to type a blog as I was uncomfortable in my half seat. It is so selfish – when I sit down I make sure that I am only using one seat instead of one or more like they insist on occupying with their huge bulk. If you are too fat to sit in one seat them don’t sit in one at all, and just stand. Fat bloke taking up two seats the other evening on the packed train is a prime example as he should have stood up and let two people sit down comfortably. He had only paid for one journey and therefore one seat if it was available and if that isn’t the case then stand. Trains are a bit fucked and I moved seats when I saw most of the drink below was on the floor just where my bag of groceries were sitting and I didn’t want my stylish canvas bag to be honking of cheap, faux Red Bull. That stuff stinks at the best of times so ingrained in a bag isn’t good. I am on the 18.37 that left a little late. I’m going to post now as I need my music. Woman next to me talking shit on her phone is driving me mad and I can’t be arsed listening to her fake chirpy voice – obviously talking to a bloke she fancies. Give me strength.



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