Busy Inspectors

22 Jan

They had the cheek to be waiting at Plumstead this morning, all clumped around and I knew they were there again before I saw them as people were tramping en masse from the other entrance around to the main one where they wait inside – God forbid they should get cold or wet.  There were about ten of them today, and as always just stood around guffawing loudly and not actually checking tickets or looking at anyone other than each other. My card didn’t read properly and they tried to leap on me but I touched again, it went green and then misread again but I couldn’t care less so I minced off down the steps to get on uttering obscenities in my wake. Thankfully the 7.41 was on time today and I am aboard but there is a fold-up bike wanker on the other side of the aisle with said fold-up bike in the aisle right by the door and on the side that all the doors open so people won’t see it initially and will walk into it. Stupid parent had to run and hold the doors open for his bratty offspring as they were all about to miss the train and so his selfishness and bad planning have now caused the train to be delayed. Just glanced over at the fold-up bike wanker – he had one of those copper bracelets, two iPhones and a high vis coat and so I hate him even more now. Oh and he is sitting on the aisle seat with his VIB nestled in the window seat so if he doesn’t make it through the day then there will be more of a gain to the world than a loss. People like that don’t need to be among us. I’m going to post now as I am opposite the fucking stupid bike and so people will be pushing into me to get past rather than batter their shins on his bike. When will they all just fuck off and die??


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