21 Jan


Waiting to cross the notoriously busy Cannon Street crossing – outside Boots – to get to the station and the light is green for traffic. A bus stops so not to be on the crossing in case the lights change so dopey fuck gobbing away on his phone in another fucking world decides to step out. Cyclist is coming, I even say out loud to phone wanker that cyclist is coming and he didn’t even register it. Cyclist thankfully had his wits about him and was able to swerve to miss phone wanker. Hopefully phone wanker won’t be so lucky next time. What a twat hey? Another wanker pictured above with yet another of these seemingly empty rucksacks on wheels – why do they do it? You could see how empty it was just from how it almost flipped over when I exhaled near it. What a twat hey? Another wanker pictured below is one of our most wonderful Bennies – sans hat – stood on the platform seemingly meant to be doing work but no. He wants to stand there with his phone in his hand. If they want to check their phone that is absolutely fine but do it off the concourse or platform so nobody can take pictures of you to give other Southeastern livestock the pleasure of ripping you to pieces for being paid to do fuck all. We do know you do fuck all anyway but why not try and make it look convincing and pretend to look busy when there are fare paying people all around you? Fucking morons. On the 18.46 that left late as did the 18.37 and I didn’t fancy riding with them. Time to post.



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