First Class?

20 Jan

Somehow there is no train fuckage YET on the line but there is still time as I’m on a train. Random announcement this evening as I minced along platform 5 to get onto the 18.37 train and that was about there being a first class service on all trains… Hmmm, this isn’t true. Even on trains where there is a first class compartment the service is far less than first class. In fact cattle aboard trains are treated better than we are and they don’t even have to pay for the privilege. Funny that, isn’t it. I am shocked that the trains are seemingly OK today as I was fully expecting to roll through the door at around 8pm after yet more fuckage and getting home two hours after you left work isn’t nice as I know that you know being being fellow sufferers of these wankers. This morning was blogless because of delays meaning I had to stand for one stop and then take what was available which was an aisle seat next to a spreader so I was sticking out and needed to keep tucked in for the livestock that had the misfortune of boarding after me. It was only four or five minutes late but I have a feeling that the fast train didn’t go so we picked up the slack. We were turning people away by Maze Hill so the sad faces of the deluded Greenwich people all peering through with a face like “please sure, can I have some more?” with Mark Lester’s appealing little face gagging to get on instead of waiting five minutes until the next one was as hilarious as it always is. There are a lot of twats that live in Greenwich. Time to post as my arms are aching and I want to get some music on and enjoy a train running mostly on time for as long as I possibly can as I don’t know when I will be able to experience this feeling again.


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