Twilight Day

19 Jan



There has been Southeastern fuckage ALL day today as you can see from above. I wasn’t able to blog this morning because I was sandwiched between two fatties in a row of three and couldn’t move my arms. I just managed to get the ipod on and that was a struggle. This evening is what we have become used to but again there is no excuse given out loud or on the app so it is anyone’s guess. It’s a fucking joke. I will get the 18.46 as that is due in five minutes later than the 18.37 and both are more than ten minutes delayed on the inbound service. How can they get it so fucking wrong all the motherfucking time? ALL THE TIME. It looks as though it is only our line this evening as there aren’t as many livestock milling about waiting as there was last night with the mass fuckage. I really despair and I’ve lost count of the delays caused so far this year which is shocking as there shouldn’t be any at all. It is now 18.45 and the outgoing 18.37 train that is meant to be here at 18.27 has just arrived – still no reason given. I took a big chance and just went along platform 5 to get on at the usual place and that gamble paid off. Yesterday we were on platform 1 so it was a big chance. The 18.30 left at around 18.39 and was quite rammed. This will get even more rammed when we get to London Bridge. The insincere man is all I can hear making announcements and it makes me want to seek him out because apparently he and his colleagues apologise for the delays this will cause to our service but they couldn’t give a flying fuck. Not a single flying fuck at all. I don’t think I could be more mad than I am right now and I miss having actual keys on my phone to emphasise how angry I am with frenzied clicking. Fucking virtual keys are shit. When are we going to get these motherfuckers out? When will the cock sucking and back handers from the powers that be stop and actually stop thinking about themselves and start wanting to take pride in their company? I really don’t know what we can do aside from join together and keep moaning and bitching about it to anyone and everyone who will listen. Time to post so I can breathe and cuddle up with the spinach in my bag.


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