Public Alcoholic

18 Jan

A marginally cold start to the day and a brisk walk to the station. I’ve given up all together now on getting a bus as they are either full of chavvy scabs or non-existent so walking is at least something I can rely on. Today’s nugget of bullshit comes in the form of another seasoned alcoholic on their way to work. He stopped dead just before crossing the top of my road and very over dramatically knocked back the remainder of a can you ensure he got every single last drop. Then he turned left and carried on walking, only to stop, turn and come back to the pavement and then hurl his rubbish – empty can wrapped in a black plastic carrier bag – down onto the pavement. I can only assume it was booze in the can because of his behaviour and the way it was all hidden because you know, these alcoholics are the world leaders in subtlety and stealth. You would never guess they have a problem – well aside from the aggression, the swaying, the shouting, that fucking awful breath and the fact they are swigging booze 24/7. On the train and ball airer let me on first – he must be in love with me but I can’t blame him. We have a fold-up cyclist sitting in a disabled seat with his pride and joy folded up next to him making a leg-slashing hazard in the aisle. He has two phones, both of them iPhones, and is dressed in high vis. He is a wanker of the highest order. Time to post as my arm is now aching.


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